Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Long weekend honeymoons

Not everyone has the resources to take two weeks out for their honeymoon. Time and (especially in these economically difficult times) money are often in short supply. However, long multi-week honeymoons are a relatively recent phenomenon, so don't feel bad if taking one isn't an option for you. You don't need to take time out of your life to enjoy each others' company and celebrate your marriage. And isn't that what honeymoons are all about? After trawling through dating sites and having one disappointing date after another, you’ve finally found the one. Here are five suggestions for lovely long weekend honeymoons.

1) Formentera

You've heard of Ibiza and Majorca, but have you heard of Formentera? This small Balearic island is largely undiscovered by the tourist hordes, which makes it a great place to head for a romantic long weekend break. Flights from all parts of the UK leave frequently to Ibiza, and from there it's just a short ferry ride over to the island. Beaches are wide, sandy and quiet: perfect for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. There are few cars on Formentera, but as the island is so flat, many people hire bikes to explore its pretty villages and countryside. Why not make it a tandem?

2) Cornwall

Staying in the UK means you get more honeymoon time, with no flight to catch or waiting around in airports. Cornwall includes some of the UK's most attractive beaches and towns, and makes for a great honeymoon destination. There are lots of sandy beaches to visit, including some isolated coves that you'll have all to yourselves for the day. If it's winter, take in some culture in St Ives or go on a road trip.

3) Paris

The original city of lovers just had to make the list. Paris is a short flight or train ride away, and has plenty to keep even the most demanding honeymooners occupied for a few days. River trips down the Seine, art and sculpture exhibitions, long coffee breaks at pavement cafes, and some of the world's best food. Paris really does live up to the hype.

4) Barcelona

Barcelona is a relaxed, friendly city with lots to do, and its own beaches when you want a rest. You'll find plenty of stunning architecture to see, by the famous Gaudi. In the evening, explore Las Ramblas, where tourists and locals alike go for their evening stroll, stop for a bite to eat and enjoy the warm nights. After that, it's time to enjoy the city's famous nightlife, with glamorous modern bars and traditional flamenco clubs both on offer.

5) Amalfi

Once favourite destination of the British aristocracy, today Amalfi and the coast around it makes for a fantastic honeymoon destination. Fly into nearby Naples and change over from there. The town is built along the cliff-tops, hemmed in by the sea on one side and rocky hills on the other. It's a dramatic, colourful place to visit that will bring out the romantic in anyone.

So whether you met your partner through friends or the eHarmony Cardiff dating website, after this romantic honeymoon that first meeting will feel like a lifetime ago. Here comes the first day of the rest of your life together – congratulations!

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